Fire Department

About Wayne Fire

The Wayne Fire Department fulfills our mission statement by using technology, training, and commitment in providing life-saving services to the community we serve. This is accomplished through many avenues utilizing emergency preparedness plans, fire prevention activities, fire code enforcement, public education, hazardous materials response teams, state-of-the-art equipment, highly trained personnel, and other specialized services and programs.

The Fire Department has an important place in the community, and it is our duty to meet that expectation each and every time we are called upon.

Our Mission

To provide the highest level of life safety and property protection through fire prevention, fire suppression, public education, hazardous material incident mitigation and medical service.  

Our Vision

Strive to provide excellence and professionalism in emergency response, fire prevention and public education through our dedicated, professional firefighters. 

Our Core Values

When called upon, we will provide safe, rapid and a professional response to your emergency. We will show compassion and will work to minimize the adverse effects of the situation. Above all, we will put people first and serve with Pride, Honor and Integrity.  

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