Building & Engineering

2023 Draft DWSRF Project Plan

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Comprised of three divisions, the Department employs four full-time employees and eight part-time employees and is entirely dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of the citizens of Wayne and protecting them from substandard and unsafe construction.

Building Division

The Building Division oversees all new construction and additions to existing buildings in the City, including industrial, commercial, and residential properties. The Division also ensures that all construction meets current State of Michigan Codes, including the Michigan Building Code, National Electrical Code, Michigan Plumbing Code, Michigan Mechanical Code, and the International Property Maintenance Code for all new building construction and existing structures.

Additionally, the Building Division ensures compliance with all the local ordinances that relate to zoning, site plan approval, and dangerous buildings. The Division is responsible for providing inspection of all new structures and remodeling projects and assisting engineers, architects, and homeowners in the preparation and submittal of plans to the City to conform to applicable codes and ordinances.

For Sale Inspection - Residential Dwelling Certification Ordinance

The City's "For Sale Inspection" ensures that all homes which are for sale within the City of Wayne meet the minimum standards of the International Property Maintenance Code and guidelines promulgated by the Building Official. For additional information, please contact the Building Division at 734-728-9100.

Rental Inspection - Registration & Inspection of Rental Dwellings & Rental Units Ordinance

There are approximately 2,500 rental properties within the City of Wayne and the City's Rental Inspection Ordinance requires that each property be inspected every three years to ensure that all rental properties meet the minimum standards of the International Property Maintenance Code and guidelines promulgated by the Building Official. The City's objective is to maintain safe living conditions in rental properties and eliminate blight. For additional information, please contact the Building Division at 734-728-9100.

Engineering Division

City of Wayne MapThe engineering division is responsible for the preparation of short-range and long-range design of capital improvement projects in street construction, reconstruction and improvements, sanitary and water main improvements, storm drainage projects, sidewalk replacement, municipal parking lots, park improvements, and stormwater management. The Division also becomes involved with the preparation of surveys, easements, and plans and specifications for bid documents to construct these improvements and also to follow through on staking out and inspecting these projects to ensure compliance with acceptable engineering standards.

The Engineering Division is responsible for the evaluation of the conditions of the City's infrastructure and also recommendations of improvements and funding sources for the projects. Moreover, this Division works closely with our consultants on the design and plan preparations of all City projects and the obtaining of permits from other governmental agencies. The Division is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Geographic Information System (GIS), which is a vital tool in providing important information to all City departments, developers, and other governmental agencies.

Additionally, this Division coordinates with Wayne County and the State of Michigan regarding road projects which fall under the City's purview. Coordinating the City's compliance to Federal Government mandates and State of Michigan mandates, such as the Clean Water Act and the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits are also the responsibility of the Division.

Ordinance Division

The Ordinance Division blends education, customer service, and enforcement to provide a safe, clean, and enjoyable environment for everyone within our community.

If you would like to ask a question or if you have a concern, please take advantage of our online service by using our online ordinance complaint form.

Site Plan Review

Prior to the commencement of development by construction of an additional building on improved land, or the reconstruction of at least 30% of the total structure or any facade, you are required by City Ordinance to submit your sites plan for review to the Community Development Department.

Also, new businesses and/or changes of use for existing buildings will require a Zoning Permit.

For more information regarding Site Plans and Zoning Permits, please contact Lori Gouin, Community Development/Planning Department, at 734-722-2002.