Glenwood Cemetery

The Glenwood Cemetery is located in the City of Wayne on Glenwood Road just west of Venoy Road.  The cemetery is owned and operated by the City of Wayne.  It is a peaceful area set above the tree-lined banks of the Rouge River.  The cemetery is maintained by the Department of Public Works (DPW).  Gardens and landscaping are planted and maintained each Spring and Summer by the DPW.

Glenwood Cemetery was established in 1882 by a private organization.  The City of Wayne ownership of the cemetery began in 1950.  The City of Wayne passed an ordinance in 1964 to regulate cemetery activities and establish rules and regulations for cemetery operation.  There are approximately 5000 sold lots in the cemetery.   Approximately 65 interments take place each year at the Glenwood Cemetery.

Lots are available for sale in the Monument (upright marker) and Memorial (flat/ground level marker) sections.  Prices range from $700 to $1000 per grave.  To schedule appointments for grave selection or for any other Cemetery questions, please call the DPW at 734-721-8600.

For more information please view the Wayne Cemetery Brochure (PDF) or the Cemetery Rules and Regulations (PDF).