Senior Resources

REVISED RGB Senior Health and Information Expo October 2023

Free Memberships

The City of Wayne will pay the annual membership fee of $12 for you to join either the Friendship Center located at 1119 Newburgh in Westland or the Dyer Center located at 36745 Marquette which is also in Westland. All you have to do is pay the fee, return the reimbursement form with your paid receipt to the City of Wayne and we will send you a check.

Unfortunately, the City will not be covering memberships for both centers but is excited to offer the opportunity for you to join one.


We are excited to let you know that both centers offer a variety of programs including but not limited to:

Daily congregate meals; travel programs; blood pressure and diabetes screening; health screenings; flu shots; massages; legal aid; educational seminars; access to tax consultation; alterations; Zumba; Tai Chi; movie days; chorus and choir; game night; shopping and casino excursions; quilting; line dancing… and much, much more.

To learn more about the Friendship Center, Dyer Center, Romulus Senior Center or Nankin Transit, please use the contact information:

Westland Friendship Center
Westland, 1119 Newburgh, MI, 48185
Phone: 734-722-7628

Dyer Center 
Westland, 36745 Marquette, MI, 48185
Phone: 734-419-2020

Romulus Senior Center 
Romulus, 3625 Bibbins Street, MI, 48174
Phone: 734-955-4120

Important Numbers

  • Adult Protective Services: 855-444-3911
  • Congregate Meals: 734-326-5202
  • Home Delivered Meals (Meals on Wheels):  734-326-5202
  • Long Term Care Ombudsman:  866-485-9393
  • Medicare /Medicaid Assistance Program:  800-803-7174
  • Nankin Transit:  734-729-2710
  • Neighborhood Legal Services:  Elder Law 313-937-8291
  • Westland Friendship Center:  734-722-7628
  • Dyer Senior Center:  734-419-2020
  • Senior Alliance: 734-722-2830
  • 911:  Police Fire and EMS Emergency Number