Regional Behavioral Treatment Court

The 29th District Court's, Regional Behavioral Treatment Court, sometimes called RBTC is designed for adult individuals with a severe mental illness, co-occurring disorder, and/or a developmental disability who have been charged with one or more criminal offenses. The criminal offense must be a misdemeanor or ordinance violation, or a felony charge in which the Prosecuting Attorney is willing to reduce to a misdemeanor. The RBTC is a voluntary program.

The RBTC Team consists of the 29th District Court Judge, Prosecuting Attorney's Office, Defense Attorney, Mental Health Coordinator, Probation Officer, Home Compliance Officer, Community Mental Health, and Wayne Police Department. By working together as a team, our key goal is to provide proper treatment and to keep offenders with mental illnesses out of jail or the criminal justice system.

Each participant will receive a judicially supervised, community-based treatment plan designed and implemented by the RBTC Team.

Treatment plans and other conditions will be reviewed for appropriateness at regular review hearings. Incentives may be offered to reward progress toward goals or following the terms of participation. Sanctions may be imposed if the terms are not followed.

For those who follow the terms of participation for the designated time (usually one year), their cases are either dismissed or the sentence is greatly reduced. If they do not follow the rules or decide to leave the program, the case will return to the original court where the prosecution proceeds as normal.

Since the program is regional and can take any eligible defendant with a misdemeanor case in surrounding district courts, a referral form is available, Regional Behavioral Treatment Court Transfer Case Instructions (PDF), that you can send to the program team. You can also view the Alcohol and  Marijuana Policy and Handbook that explains the RBTC and rules further. - Program Team