Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

Downtown Development Authority:

The City of Wayne DDA was established to develop and propose to the City Council, long range plans for the promotion of economic growth in the downtown district. Members of this board must own or manage a business located within the District. One resident of the District shall be appointed.

Preferred Skill Set: An interest in developing and supporting the economic development and growth of the City of Wayne, have the ability to communicate through email, have the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with staff and the general public, and have the ability to listen and maintain professionalism with other commissioners, staff, and the public.

Meets: The second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall

2023 Meeting Schedule

Downtown Development Authority Documents

DDA Board of Directors

Name Expiration Date
Vince Law 01/2025
Scott Gocaj 12/2023
James Demmer 01/2025
David Steinhauer 12/2026
Kim White Jenkins 01/2025
John Rhaesa Member by Law
Pier-LA'Shaye Walker 07/2024
Rachel Botu 07/2027
Tiffany Walker 08/2025