Water & Sewer Rates

The Water and Sewer Fund Budget has been reviewed, approved, and adopted for the 2023 to 2024 fiscal year. Sufficient water and sewer rates need to be approved to provide money to operate the system. Effective for all consumption billed on or after July 1, 2023, the rates are authorized.

2023 to 2024 Rates per 1,000 Gallons

  • Water: $8.05
  • Sewer: $8.36
  • Total: $16.41

Monthly Fixed Fees

Meter Size in Inches
Wayne Water Approved Fees
Wayne Sewer Approved Fees
1 inch or less
10 or larger$1,158.00816.00

Simple Recycling

For information regarding other water and sewer fees such as IWC charges, monthly meter fees, etc. contact the water billing clerk at 734-722-2005.

Simple RecyclingThe City of Wayne has partnered with Simple Recycling to offer a convenient way to recycle Clothing and Housewares for Free at your curb on your regular recycling day. Use the provided green “Simple Recycling” bags to recycle unwanted clothing and housewares in re-usable condition. Place bags beside regular trash and recycling container on your normal pickup day. View the website to order additional bags free of charge.

At this time due to covid, simple recycling is not picking up any of their simple recycling bags! For further information, contact simple recycling.