Annual Reports

Calls For Service

The Wayne Fire and EMS Department continues to realize a year after year increase in 911 calls for service. Our organization began tracking call volume data dating back to 1993. In 1993, the department responded to 1,887 calls for service. In 2021, the department responded to 4,258 calls for service.

Nationally, calls for service continue to trend upwards and requires a proactive strategic approach to assure the department is meeting the demands of the community. As Emergency Medical Care Protocols continue to evolve into greater care on scene the length of call increases, furthering the need to track data to assure the department continues to meet the expectations Wayne residents, business owners and visitors have come to expect and deserve

Incident Data


The Wayne Fire and EMS Department responded to  947 fire related calls for service in 2021. All fire responses are tracked and reported to State and Federal reporting sites to help with overall national data collection. Collected data helps develop programs and identifies areas of concentration for fire prevention efforts nationwide.


The Wayne Fire and EMS Department responded to 3,311 medical emergencies in 2021. Medical emergencies are categorized in several different ways. This data chart highlights some of the most common requests for services.

Previous Reports

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