Wayne Library Board

Wayne Library Board: The Wayne Public Library was established in 1995 under Michigan’s Public Act 164 of 1887, which authorizes the establishment and maintenance of a public library and reading room for the use and benefit of inhabitants of the city. The Library Board is the governing board for the library and is responsible for making and adopting bylaws, rules, and regulations for the government of the library, has exclusive control of the expenditure of all money collected to the credit of the library fund, is responsible for appointing a suitable librarian and necessary assistants, and annually reports to the city council on the finances and usage of the library

Preferred Skill Set: Finance/Budget, Strategic Planning, fundraising skills, and knowledge of Libraries.

Meets: The second Wednesday of each month at 4:15 p.m. at the Library

Name Expiration Date
Len Fisher 08/2024
Anetta Gruich 08/2024
Dennis Hermatz 07/2023
Rupert "Bud" Hillyard 07/2023
Michael Hurley 08/2024
Cindy Schofield 07/2022
James Sumner 07/2022