Pre -Development Meetings

Applicants are encouraged to meet with Community & Economic Development staff for a predevelopment meeting prior to submitting for their Site Plan Review, Special Use, Zoning Board of Appeals, or Rezoning Application. To request a predevelopment meeting, please call (734) 722-2002 or contact the City Planning Department at

In order to make the best use of this resources please be ready with the following project information: 

  • - Location
  • - Existing use
  • - Proposed use
  • - Intended development
  • - Any preliminary sketches
  • - Understanding of the surrounding land uses

At this meeting, CED staff can provide the following: 

  • - Review the proposed use for zoning conformance;
  • - Provide initial feedback on design where applicable;
  • - Outline the required process for approval of the development and general timeline;
  • - Discuss potential local, county or state incentive programs where applicable;
  • - Answer any other development related questions pertaining to the project.