Community Policing

Neighborhood Watch

The City of Wayne Police Department is currently seeking members of the community to join the citywide neighborhood watch program. This program offers the opportunity for police officers and private citizens to work together to help solve problems related to crime, social issues, and i-neighbors neighborhood concerns. With the implementation of the neighborhood watch program, residents can unite to voice their issues and work together with the Wayne Police Department to find a solution to the issues and improve their quality of life.

i-neighbors Your neighborhoods home on the internetNeighborhood watch groups will be formed by geographical area, which will include several blocks within the Home neighborhood. This will allow residents to meet other neighbors in their area, discuss similar concerns, and bring those concerns to the police department as a group. Neighborhood watch will also strengthen social relationships and unite neighbors to work toward common goals.

Once formed, neighborhood watch groups will meet on a regular basis to discuss current issues or news within their area. Neighborhood watch groups can also plan social events for their group to help strengthen the "neighborhood" feel of the area.

Any Wayne citizen interested in joining the neighborhood watch program please contact the Wayne Police Department at 734-721-1414.

Vacation Watch

If you are planning on being away on vacation, you can inform the police department. Officers from the police department will make periodic checks of your home while you are away. Just click on the link below and print the Vacation Watch Form. Complete the form with as much information as possible and return the completed form to the police department. The police department requires that the homeowner requesting the vacation watch return the form in person to the police department. View the WPD Vacation Watch Form (PDF).